A Journey for a Born-Again Chinese Child

In China, children are not only the future of their family but also the heirs for the family’s hopes. The moment when we first saw our dear son---Tingyi, I caught a vision of a face where the birthmark occupied nearly half side of his face. It really made a sharp contrast between other normal and healthy children. But we told ourselves that he was our beloved son no matter he had what kind of appearance and we also hold the firmly belief that he would be an outstanding person in the future. Meanwhile, we do feel anxious about his appearance as we know it may be with him all his whole life. What we can do is to face it bravely together. And we believe we can get rid of the tough situation.


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Luckily enough, all my friends and relatives are showing great concern and care to my son and comforting us everything will be fine. They help us to find the remedy for our son’s birthmark. When a friend told us Dr. Waner was an internationally recognized expert and a pioneer in the treatment of vascular malformations, especially for children’s vascular anomalies, we felt so excited as it seemed that we could open the hopes’ door for our beloved baby. 


With the deepest gratitude and excitement, we sent an e-mail to Dr. Waner listing our son’s birthmark’s conditions and photos and also asking so many questions. Then we got the letter from Dr. Waner soon and he diagnosed our son suffered from port wine stain, answered all our questions and gave us some suggestions. We felt so thankful and surprised that such a famous American doctor replied us in such a short period of time from his busy work and we believed he must be the best doctor we were looking for. 

After several e-mails, Dr. Waner made a detailed schedule for our son’s treatment. His professionalism and accurate diagnosis make us fully convinced that we do have made a perfect decision and choice.

However, due to the reason of the current exchange rate and our low income, going to the United States for the treatment will be a giant expense. Although we are seizing the hope for this precious opportunity, the financial problem becomes the biggest obstacle of our arising hope. But fortunately enough, Dr. Waner understood our tough situation and was willing to assist us to solve the problem of the huge expense for the treatments.


Soon, we acknowledged a letter from Sherri, a very diligent, kind-hearted and patient personnel working in Waner Children's Vascular Anomaly Foundation. She told us Hannah Storm Foundation was willing to sponsor Tingyi’s treatment expense and Waner Children's Vascular Anomaly Foundation would assist us to solve the lodging problem in New York.

Doctor Bethune is our Chinese hero, as he not only represents the remarkable professional skills, but also represents a high international spirit of humanitarianism. In our eyes, Dr Waner, Hannah Storm and all the people who helped us are the Doctor Bethune in our heart.

We got the best treatments, generous sponsorship, comfortable lodging environment, great care and concern from Dr. Waner, Waner Children's Vascular Anomaly Foundation and Hannah Storm Foundation. In addition, we had the firm determination of curing our son. So New York, we are coming.



Birthmark is a symbol when a person is born, but when the symbol is changed, it will be a new beginning. This article is dedicated to Dr. Waner, Hannah Storm and all the people who helped us. We named this article a born-again journey.



Thank you, Dr. Waner, Hannah Storm, Sherri, Carmen, Maureen, Dr. Fay and all the friends who helped us. Because of you, our dear son, Tingyi Yan, could have a chance to change his life. Our family will appreciate all of you all the time.