Donation Privacy

The Privacy and Security of Online Donations to Waner Children's Vascular Anomaly Foundation

At Waner Children's Vascular Anomaly Foundation, we value the trust you place in us when you make a financial contribution. The protection of your privacy and security is important to us. Therefore, we are providing this special privacy statement to tell you more about our information gathering and information sharing practices related to donations. For general information on the privacy policy of the foundation’s web site, please see our Privacy Policy.

This site has security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. All data (names, addresses, personal information and transaction donation information) is encrypted to ensure information safety. This encryption occurs as the data is transferred from your computer to our system. Once your information reaches us, it resides on a server that is protected by an electronic firewall and other industry-standard security technologies.

The contact information you enter will be used to:

  • Send you an acknowledgment letter for gifts of more than $10.
  • Contact you if we have a question when we are processing your gift.
  • Send you information or donation envelopes if you have requested them.
  • Maintain confidential records of all contributions to Waner Children's Vascular Anomaly Foundation.

If you make an online credit card donation, the credit card information you provide will be used solely to conduct your donation transaction.

Medical Information & Patient Care Issues
Please be assured that all donations are strictly voluntary. The presence or absence of a donation from a patient or family member does not affect the type or quality of treatment given to that patient.

Our donor records are separate from the institution’s medical records. We do not collect, and we ask that you not provide, any medical information when making a donation through Waner Children's Vascular Anomaly Foundation’s web site.

If You Do Not Want Your Gift Publicized
Waner Children's Vascular Anomaly Foundation occasionally recognizes contributions in print (e.g., in our annual report donor honor roll). We do this to show our gratitude for your generosity and to inspire others to consider making a contribution. If you do not want your name publicized in association with your contribution, please check the box on the donation form to ask that your gift be anonymous.

If You Do Not Want to Receive Future Fund-Raising Correspondence
Based on the information provided for a gift transaction, we sometimes add donor names to our mailing list to receive future fund-raising literature for Waner Children's Vascular Anomaly Foundation (e.g., our annual fund mailings). If you indicate on the online donation form that you do not wish to receive future fund-raising communications from us, all reasonable efforts will be taken to comply with your request.

You may also notify us of your preferences by contacting Sherri Foster:

Phone: (518)-522-3450  (800)-641-0151


Waner Children's Vascular Anomaly Foundation
126 W. 60th Street 

New York, New York 10023 



Fax 212-202-3539


If you have any questions about this privacy statement or about making a gift to Waner Children's Vascular Anomaly Foundation, please contact us at the address and phone numbers listed above.

If you use our site to link to other sites, we are not responsible for the privacy and security practices of these web sites.